T-SQL Tuesday #119 – Changing your mind

This months T-SQL Tuesday comes from Alex Yates (dev-ops wizard and funny guy!) (b|t) – Thanks Alex!

I struggled with this at first, as generally, I like to jump on new things and give anything a try, I don’t dismiss things just because someone else suggested them…. but… around 3 years ago, there was one thing I dismissed – I find it hard to believe now looking back, I can’t imagine doing my job without it…. that thing is.. PowerShell!!!

I remember my manager saying “PowerShell is awesome, DBAs need to use PowerShell, I encourage you to use PowerShell ….” or words to that effect. And I thought, why? Isn’t that for like windows sysadmins? And what is this weird syntax, this isn’t like languages I am used to. Why would I learn PowerShell to achieve things I can already do?

Fast forward a couple of years, and a whole bunch of Aha! and light bulb moments and I don’t know how I managed without PowerShell.

Install SQL Server? PowerShell
Apply default config to SQL Server? PowerShell
Check tempdb config of 100 servers in a few seconds? PowerShell
Backup a database and restore it to 2 dev servers? PowerShell
Deploy PBI reports from source control? PowerShell.
I could go on…. and on…. and on…..

I’d guess my day used to be around 40% SSMS/Tools 40% T-SQL 20% Other – now it’s 80% PowerShell 20% Other

If you told me 3 years ago that I would contribute to dbatools and dbachecks PowerShell git projects I wouldn’t believe you, but I have, and will continue doing so as they are both awesome and I <3 PowerShell!

So that’s my story on changing my mind. Don’t accept the status quo, go change some minds.

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