T-SQL Tuesday #118 – Your Fantasy SQL Feature

So this is going to be short and sweet (hopefully)

My first thought when I read the title was the Activity Monitor, and then all the software I have used in my career to monitor SQL Server, such as Grafana, AppDynamics, SQL Monitor, Sentry One, Power BI, Powershell, etc

If I could have a fantasy feature, it would be an Activity Monitor that showed me all the Activity I care about, blocking, file growth, deadlocks, long-running queries, replication latency, top SQL, query plans, tempdb usage etc etc….

Now I know you might be thinking “you can get all that info from SQL Server!” yeah you can, but wouldn’t it be great to just open the activity monitor and see it all!

A lot of people might disagree because that’s maybe not the point of the Activity Monitor, but this is my fantasy and I’ll wish for whatever I want.

Well, that’s it (told you it wouldn’t be a long one) I’ll leave you with this underwhelming image.

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